Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What type of sample is used for the ALCAT food intolerance testing?
    • A blood sample is needed for the ALCAT Platinum Plus test panel.
  2. When will my ALCAT Platinum Plus food intolerance test be ordered?
    • Once an Outreach Representative has responded to your request and payment is received, your test kit will be ordered within two business days.
  3. What are my payment options?
    • You have two options:
      • Mail a check in the amount of $660.50, payable to FFARMS to:
        FFARMS Outreach
        5806 Prosperity Church Rd Suite A2-159
        Charlotte, NC 28269
      • Via PayPal. A FFARMS Outreach Representative will email an invoice
  4. When can I expect to receive my ALCAT kit?
    • Once your payment is confirmed, your kit will arrive within two weeks.
  5. Will I be contacted to set up my blood draw?
    • Yes, ALCAT partners with labs across the country. A local lab will call you (likely prior to receiving your kit). You cannot order your blood draw until your ALCAT kit is received, so simply make note of the lab's number. Upon receipt of your kit, please call the local lab to make arrangements. (Please email with your blood draw date so that FFARMS can appropriately track your testing's progress.)
  6. Where and when will my blood be drawn?
    • The choice is yours! Many people opt to have their blood drawn in the privacy of their home. Blood may be drawn Monday-Saturday only. There is no additional cost for this convenience.
  7. Do I need to fast for the blood draw?
    • No.
  8. Do I need to ship my kit?
    • No, the local lab will handle that for you, and all specimens will be shipped on the day of blood collection.
  9. What preparations should I take for my blood draw?
    • On the day before your blood draw, open the ALCAT kit and put the enclosed freezer pack in your freezer.
    • Check that your information is correct on the ALCAT forms
    • Confirm that the Comprehensive Plus box is checked on the form
    • Ensure that both the DATE and TIME of blood collection is noted on your form. (ALCAT will not process your test if this information is not noted.)
    • Ask the nurse if the frozen freezer-pack needs to be included. (Freezer pack must be included with specimen if the temperature is greater than 78 degrees.)
  10. When will I receive my test results?
    • Please allow up to two-three weeks for processing of results. An Outreach Representative will contact you with your results.

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