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Latest News

  • Outreach Testing!

    The dissolution of FFARMS. effective December 16, 2016, ceased FFARMS’ Outreach program. However, if you are interested in food intolerance testing, contact the Balanced Body Center or Cell Science Systems for more information

  • FFARMS Farewell

    As another calendar year draws to a close, the subject of ‘endings’ takes on a more finite meaning for FFARMS. Over the past six years, our team of volunteers has been privileged to serve a community of those seeking wellness. We have empathized every medical frustration, lamented each loss of gluten, cheered the sheer perseverance required for meal planning, AND rejoiced in all newfound health.

    The many parents, spouses and children of those tested through our Grant and Outreach programs became a part of the FFARMS family; that support was immeasurable. Lovingly referred to as our ‘fellow FFARMerS,’ this family extended to the business community. Whether it was an annual Holiday Shop, Jingle and Jam, Bounce Back to School, or Round Table discussion, the sheer generosity of others never ceased to amaze us.

    Our mission has been dedicated to raising awareness of the impact food intolerances have on people with autoimmune diseases. Hence, it is our great honor to pass our torch to AARDA, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating autoimmune diseases and alleviating suffering. A considerable FFARMS’ donation will help fund a groundbreaking, AARDA Awareness Campaign. Though the Awareness Campaign is informational in nature, and AARDA will not carry on the FFARMS’ Outreach testing program, those suffering will have the much-needed, informational ‘tool kit’ to understand the impact of food intolerances and the options available on their quest toward wellness.

    Thank you to our Founder, our many volunteers, and all fellow FFARMerS. What a gift these years have been. What a gift it is to know that though the FFARMS’ doors are closing, the windows of awareness are opening.